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Guidelines For Voting Responsibly

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It has been many months since I began writing. The purpose of this project was both to give support to others and to allow me to have a way to deal constructively with my own anxiety. Though I may only have a small readership or following, in this age of many uncertainties, we all need in our own special ways and skills to send out messages to support each other. Everyone’s contribution counts heavily. It can come from artistic expression found through writing, music, painting, photography, crafts, humor, and communing with nature. Every message we put out there has the potential of being a source of comfort to someone.

My contribution was to share my clinical experiences. I have been putting forth information that reflects primarily on helping others to develop one’s personal way of thinking. I have written about our need to have a reasonable and rational mind set as a basis for self reflection, relationships, parenting, governing, and staying positive. Rational thinking is to make decisions based primarily on a factual understanding of the world we live in. Extreme opinions need to be tested and challenged to see if they are grounded in a fact based realty. Without this basis we can become in our worst ways confused into believing wild conspiracies, act out dangerously and become easily led by power hungry controlling individuals.

I have tried hard to have my writings remain professional although I admit at times I could not avoid bordering on politicizing. I put forth a model of how similarly a family works to a country. Parents are like our government, children are like citizens, systems of discipline are our laws while compassion and kindness is necessary for fairness and equality for all.

Considering my views on factualness and my family as a country model it is not easy to avoid drawing comparisons to our county’s current leadership. Hatred, divisiveness, inequality of resources and wealth, uneven application of laws and justice is unfortunately the current state our of affairs. Through therapy a dysfunctional family can be helped. In a country where our leadership is also so dysfunctional therapy may not be the primary solution. Where children can not usually replace their parents, citizens can replace their current leaders by voting in new government leadership.

It cannot be understated how important it is for us to vote. Interestingly, we have over the years asked our citizens to drink, drive, and act responsibly. The same is needed for voting. We must vote responsibly. When you are making your decisions consider how well your candidates measures up with these guidelines.

1. Actions always speak louder than words. It's not what you say that counts but how you act. When you really want to know somebody look at what they have done. Past behavior is always the best predictor of future behavior. Once a con artist always a con artist.

2. Do their core beliefs come from a foundation based on logical, rational and factual thought. A strongly expressed argument can always sound convincing but is it really based on facts. Be careful of someone claiming hoax in the face of science and facts. There are not alternative facts. Liars can not be trusted.

3. Does your candidate have a willingness to see all sides of an issue. It is never one point of view that fits all. For example, social injustice and reforming police behavior are part of the same issue. Just adhering to one side is divisive and counterproductive. Everyone is connected to the problems and solutions.

4. Does your candidate have a solution focused perspective. Can they brainstorm with all concerned parties. Do they only offer limited solutions that primarily seek to divide us. Being short sighted will miss the big picture and let problems spiral out of control as in the case of climate change.

5. Always have an eye out to notice hidden agendas. There are no shortcuts and quick solutions. Change is a concerted effort to work together and make adjustments to unforeseen problems that will surely arise.

6. The constitution is a sacred document. Does your candidate as well yourself really understand it. There is a separation between church and state and levels of government. It is fair and just for everyone regardless of color of skin, gender, country of origin, educational level, ability and sexual orientation. Voter suppression is against the constitution.

7. Does your candidate truly understand that a government leadership position is only a temporary job. They are answerable to its employers, the american people. The job is not a self serving position of power to attain wealth. Voters can remove them if they fail to measure up.

Conversation is essential. Raising consciousness is necessary. Hopefully my suggested guidelines can be shared and give direction for the decisions we must make in this coming election. It is imperative that decisions be based on rational thinking. Look deeply at the candidates. Do they pass muster?

The mental health of a family can improve with help. Voters can help improve the mental health of a country. Vote and vote responsibly!

Dr. Mike

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