No Blinders: This is Child Abuse


As a Psychologist I have two roles to fulfill. In my primary role my work has been dedicated to helping families, children and adults. The focus has been on ameliorating emotional and behavioral problems brought on by life experiences. It is unfortunate that the human psyche often teeters on a delicate balance. The result of this precarious state often leads to personal trauma.

I am also a social scientist. This is an equally important role. In this role psychologists are trained to look at the emotional well being of societies, countries and communities. Our training requires us to identify the impact on individuals and families often due to large scale governmental actions. Our investigations and research has had monumental positive impacts on issues such as early childhood education, overcrowding and social injustice.

In order to become a licensed psychologist, aside from having the proper education, most state licensing bureaus require that we are trained in identifying child abuse and to report such abuses. Failure to report child abuse will result in not only losing your license but to be implicated as complicit with the crime. We are not allowed to put on blinders and turn a deaf ear. This is a life and death issue. Over the many years of practice I have had to unfortunately report many such incidents of abuse. Deciding to make the call can be quite stressful to all involved. For me it came down to whether I was unable to sleep. If I agonized then I did not hesitate to report.

Lately I have been tossing and turning. I must report a very grave incident of child abuse. I am reporting the Trump administration for child abuse! The separation and confinement of immigrant children from their parents is a crime against humanity!

These poor families did not come to our borders as marauding hordes bent on crime, drug abuse, rape and pillaging our cities. They came like all other previous immigrants seeking safety, shelter, food and a wish to give their children a chance for a better life. Our history shows that each new wave of immigrants were willing to work hard, pay taxes and create jobs. Their children are not criminals.

It has been clearly demonstrated that early childhood abuse can last a lifetime and will have a major impact on subsequent generations. I have again seen the serious impact of abuse through my clinical practice. Personally, as a first generation child of Holocaust survivors, child abuse was part of our daily experience. It has been very much a burden that I have worked a lifetime to overcome.

These children detained at our borders were babies, toddlers all the way to teens. The policies of deterrent used by the Trump administration will unfortunately create a legion of very troubled people who will most likely struggle for generations. The emotional conflicts will be acted out through aggression, depression, drug abuse and social conflict. These innocent children through the actions of the Trump administration will become a self fulfilling prophecy. The President labelled their parents as rapists, murderers and drug dealers and then created a policy to turn their children into such individuals.

As a social scientist with a licenses from two states I can not continue to put on blinders and look the other way. I must call this out. I call upon fellow professionals as well as good minded citizen to join in raising our voices against these crimes.

President Trump you are accused of child abuse!


Clinical psychologist 45 years in practice. Worked with children and adults. Love nature, hiking, photography and drums. Retired living in DC.

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