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Over the past months I have been drawing comparisons between good and bad parenting and governance. Our families work like a country. Parents are like Presidents, children are like citizens, bounded by rules or laws as well as having a compassionate concern for all. Children and citizens will mirror and act out the problems of dysfunctional parents and governance. These past many months has been a reflection of dysfunction.

Children and citizens become very insecure when leadership is insensitive, confusing and disruptive. Our fears and concern for safety can lead us to become obsessed and driven to find stability even to the point of accepting dangerous unsubstantiated and false claims made by those seeking power. We can become gullible and open to manipulation.

As in all families the children must grow up. As I have put forth, adultness is not a state of age but more a state of mind. Adult thinking is based on finding facts. It is challenging notions that are laced with opinion and empty slogans meant to rile up emotions, particularly fear. In our country it is time for we citizens to grow up!

This year, 2020, has been frightening and unsettling to say the least. We all have been walking around with higher levels of anxiety and depression. To be an adult in these times requires us to find fact based solutions. There are so many important essential issues that require our immediate adult attention. To find focus and calm ourselves, we need to accept facts and to engage in constructive problem solving actions. Here are a few areas to focus on.

Fact: There has been a valid election and we have changed our leadership. There is no evidence to deny that Joseph Biden has won the presidential election. Although some citizens may have been disappointed, based on facts it is time to accept the election outcome. The facts tell us that delaying the transition will cause serious complications that can have grave affects on our well being.

Issue: There is a pandemic. Covid 19 has by this time cost us 250, 000 American lives. By the time a vaccine become available so many more people will be lost. This is not a hoax. Based on scientific facts we must take this seriously. If we are to recover as a country we must hang in there and care for each others safety. Masks, social distancing and hygienic sanitation are fact based actions that an adult can make.

Issue: Climate changes are real. Our planet is at a point that our survival is at stake. This is not a hoax. Scientific facts point out that we can improve our chances for human survival but only by immediate actions. We must all work quickly to insure ours children’s and grandchildren’s futures.

Issue: Affordable health care saves lives. At this stage of our country’s development, no one in our country or any one in the world, should be denied quality health care due to affordability. It is a fact that the health of a family greatly affects the health of a country’s economy and businesses.

Issue: Social inequality does exist. Generations of Americans have been proudly pointing out that acquiring wealth is an ideal to strive for. To be able to enjoy the comforts of life and feel safe and secure. This dream however has not proven equally available to all of us. Larger sections of our citizens have suffered by racial, ethnic and economic injustice. The facts show that these social injustices harm everyone. It is ok to become all you can be but not at the abuse of others.

While I have only addressed a few issues there are so many large issues and even smaller local problems that are calling out for attention.

People, we can wallow in our fears and whiningly complain or we can grow up and act like adults! Want to feel better get involved with the facts. There are so many issues that need adult attention. The facts suggest that it will be awhile before the effects of the pandemic are resolved. To help cope with this crisis keep your mind focused on facts find an issue and engage. It is a fact that doing something positive for others is a great way to help yourself.

With a changing administration the leadership of this country hopefully will change the tone of our interactions and relationships. Like parents in a family who have gone to therapy and pledging to make changes their children and citizens can feel safer, calm down and focus on growing up.

Dr. Mike

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