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In my last blog entry I wrote about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder relative to the January 6 insurrection. Many weeks have passed since that last article. During that interval I had been searching for a new theme to express. I noticed that life seemed to settle into a slower and a more peaceful pace than what I felt during the many previous months. I became aware that my mind had not been screaming out for relief. Suddenly it dawned on me that this was significant!

Many of my previous articles contained a common theme. In my recent book…

blog 28

On January 6, 2021 I watched in horror the attack on the United States Capitol. Over the subsequent weeks it has been a struggle to find perspective and resolution for my intense anger. In time I felt some degree of calmness return. A month later viewing the videos being presented at the current impeachment trial of the former president, I became acutely aware that I still retain intense unresolved anger.

Intense emotional events are the cornerstones that produce Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD). We all have been made aware of how PTSD is a common issue with returning war…

blog 27

Children and citizens that are acting out present a serious and difficult challenge for maintaining the stability of the family/country. As stated in my previous blogs I use a model in family therapy to draw parallels between good parenting and good governance. It is called The Family as a Country Model. In short parents are to government as children are to citizens.

A family like a country will always have some degree of disruption. I consider at best a 20% rate of protest as normal. When protest increases and becomes acting out, then it is time to focus…

blog 26

As I am writing this blog, at my home six blocks from the White House in D.C., I am interrupted by a text from my son in Denver inquiring if we were safe. We had not been watching the events unfolding from the Capital. Thanking him for his concern and somewhat puzzled we switched on the TV only to be shocked and horrified by the events taking place at the Capital.

To those whose lives inside the Capital that were in danger we pray for your safety and recovery from the scars of this day that will be…

blog 25

Although vaccines are starting to arrive, it will still be many months before we can all safely go out and interact closely amongst each other. The question remains what can parents do for their children to make the best of their time together at home?

In my soon to be released new book “The Experience Road” I present models and concepts along with tips that will be helpful with this challenge. In this blog I will focus on three areas: developing your self esteem, improving life skills, and finding social activities.

In my practice I often helped families…

blog 24

This holiday season is upon us. What is often thought to be a happy season can really be one of very conflicted emotions. It is a season for joyfulness yet for many it will not be easily felt this time around. It is a time for remembrance that will come painfully all too easily. It is also a season of forgiveness which will be a hard road to travel as well.

Recently I viewed Sophia Loren’s latest movie entitled “The Life Ahead”. I found it profoundly stirring. It is a reminder of the struggles of abandoned lost children…

blog 23

Over the past months I have been drawing comparisons between good and bad parenting and governance. Our families work like a country. Parents are like Presidents, children are like citizens, bounded by rules or laws as well as having a compassionate concern for all. Children and citizens will mirror and act out the problems of dysfunctional parents and governance. These past many months has been a reflection of dysfunction.

Children and citizens become very insecure when leadership is insensitive, confusing and disruptive. Our fears and concern for safety can lead us to become obsessed and driven to find…


As a Psychologist I have two roles to fulfill. In my primary role my work has been dedicated to helping families, children and adults. The focus has been on ameliorating emotional and behavioral problems brought on by life experiences. It is unfortunate that the human psyche often teeters on a delicate balance. The result of this precarious state often leads to personal trauma.

I am also a social scientist. This is an equally important role. In this role psychologists are trained to look at the emotional well being of societies, countries and communities. Our training requires us to identify…

blog 21

In the past few months I have been drawing comparisons between parenting and governing a country. Parents and Presidents are our leadership. Children are like our citizens. Families and a country are supported by rules that are similar to laws. They give us structure to provide safety while helping us to control our impulsive tendencies. A family and country are also supported by a system of compassion towards its residents.

It is the ability to give positive emotional support, to notice the good in our souls and to be empathic that makes up this sense of compassion. This…

blog 20.

It has been many months since I began writing. The purpose of this project was both to give support to others and to allow me to have a way to deal constructively with my own anxiety. Though I may only have a small readership or following, in this age of many uncertainties, we all need in our own special ways and skills to send out messages to support each other. Everyone’s contribution counts heavily. It can come from artistic expression found through writing, music, painting, photography, crafts, humor, and communing with nature. …

Michael Simon PhD

Clinical psychologist 45 years in practice. Worked with children and adults. Love nature, hiking, photography and drums. Retired living in DC.

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